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Market leading B2B & B2C online ordering systems

Mature and feature rich ecommerce enabled websites for the office supplies industry

Working closely with one of the largest dealer groups in the office supplies industry, we have developed three distinct types of online ordering systems, catering for the requirements of every type of office supplies dealer.

We have had (and continue to have) a long and successful relationship with Superstat, whom we've worked with now for 8+ years to develop our online ordering products and we are constantly working together to enhance the products so that we can stay ahead of the competition in this sector.

We are integrated into multiple different systems, including pulling in multiple wholesaler product datasets automatically on a nightly basis, managing 50,000+ products, and a great deal more data attributes and other assets. We have multiple ways to integrate with back office systems including FTP/CSV data transfers and having developed our own comprehensive restful JSON API.

All three of our online ordering products run off the same codebase, ensuring updates are applied universally and effectively to all systems, and we are integrated into our WebiCMS platform to provide all the administrative functionalities. We have a full set of B2B pricing capabilities, and lots more B2B and dealer specific functionalities.

We're in the process of developing a completely new version of the system, which we look forward to releasing in 2016.

Fully responsive

The first responsive online ordering system in the office supplies industry.

“I have been impressed by Webigence's ability to problem solve and come up with solutions and suggestions for us in both UX design and programming.”

Valued partnership

We work closely with Superstat on a daily basis to look after the dealers and improve all the systems for both them and their dealers.