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Enterprise level content management platform

Two year project to build an advanced open source desktop CMS application in ASP.NET

A high quality, enterprise level, content management system developed by the dedicated team at Webigence with a special focus on the B2B and ecommerce sectors

Having built our own content management system (CMS), we are acutely aware of the requirements and factors involved in producing effective content managed systems and bespoke web applications. We use this expertise to better cater for clients' content management requirements when we need to apply bespoke CMS's or CMS elements within specifically tailored systems that require some element of content management.

  • Powering 400+ websites and applications
  • Special focus on the B2B and ecommerce sectors, handling any bespoke requirements that other well-known CMS's like WordPress, Umbraco and others wouldn't be able to cater for.

Suits complex requirements

WebiCMS is a high quality enterprise level content management system with a special focus on the B2B and ecommerce sectors, providing highly tailored functionality other platforms can't.

“I found the architecture of WebiCMS very clever and easy to understand and the integration with our own data system here on our server means that we have ultimate control over the data, which uploads overnight to reflect data changes on our database.”

Advanced linkup between modules

Our advanced email module links up with the Ecommerce module to pull products directly into your email newsletters.

Ideal for bespoke and complex requirements

There are no restrictions with our CMS. It is flexible enough to cater for any functionality needed using ASP.NET technology.