29th Sep
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What does Blockchain have to do with Microsoft Azure?

In a previous blog we've explained a bit about what Microsoft Azure is and how it can help your business.


Microsoft are constantly updating and adding to what you can do with Azure. Just recently Mark Russinovich (CTO of Azure) introduced ‘Coco framework’, and you can watch his short introductory video to understand more about the Azure Coco framework.


“Azure Coco gives you scalability, confidentiality and built in governance that enterprises need to achieve real business results.”

Microsoft is using blockchain technology in Azure Coco and describe it as “a blockchain ledger framework which leverages a combination of trusted execution environments, advanced cryptography and innovative blockchain-focused consensus mechanisms to open up new blockchain enabled scenarios across industries.”  

Blockchain is the underlying ledger technology used for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (and you can read more about Bitcoin and its future in our blog ‘The Bitcoin movement’).

To understand what Blockchain is and how it works, here is a quick video explaining the basics.


Blockchain is going to be a big disrupt in many industries such as banking, voting, charities, supply chain management, retail, IOT, insurance, cloud storage and e-wallets because it provides a way to record and transfer data securely as it makes thing decentralised, democratic, efficient and transparent (although the data is public it is verified and encrypted making it more resistant to hacking and unauthorised editing). This video from Future Thinkers explains more and shares what companies and start-ups are using blockchain to make things better and more secure in lots of different fields. 


It is an exciting time for Microsoft at the moment and if you want your business to keep up then find out more about how Microsoft Azure can help your business run effectively and efficiently.


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