2nd Apr
Category: Industry news

Welcome to our new website

We hope you like it and we welcome your feedback.


It's been a lot of work to get the website live, working on it between client projects, but we're very happy with the result.

The website uses lots of new HTML5 and CSS3 elements and features - one example being the upward facing arrow in the footer on all pages - if you click on this then you will see it first spin round to point down, and then most of the footer fades out and closes. This is almost all done using the new CSS3 transitions, simply using jQuery to add and remove one class when the arrow is clicked and then the rest is done purely with CSS3.

We will be continuing to update, and tweak, and add further functionality over the next few weeks, so do come back and see what we're getting up to. We really do value your feedback, so do let us know any positive and/or negative points, all will be gratefully accepted.

Blog written by Simon Wilkinson