21st May

Client project launched: Matthew Cox - a horizontally responsive website

Having grown up in a family of antiques dealers Matthew Cox has a great eye for detail, beauty and quality. Not only is he an antiques dealer, with 15 years’ experience selling to the London and New York trade, he also makes furniture for commercial clients such as Jamie Oliver, Las Iguanas and Gourmet Burger Kitchen.


Matthew was recommended to work with Webigence to produce a forward thinking, technically advanced and sophisticated website to be a collection of his work online. It needed to be attention grabbing in order to attract and please his clientele of antique dealers, interior designers and discerning private buyers.

His idea of making the site work both horizontally, vertically and responsively was certainly a challenge to which we were eager to rise. Pushing the boundaries in programming new and exciting ideas is what we thrive on and we love it when a client comes to us that is open to do this kind of project.


The beauty of the site is that behind the complexity of how it all works (and believe me there were some tough challenges such as the fact that most browsers are designed to work vertically, even though computer screens are horizontal) the site looks stunningly clean, simple and straightforward to navigate. Matthew’s vision is always clear in what he likes to see and getting the site both looking and working the way he envisioned was a big task indeed.


Matthew says on his own site “…we may have to be more creative, both with what we sell and how we sell it, but that just adds to the fun we can have, and I hope that shows in everything we do."



We had the mobile responsive menu designed bespoke to be refined and uncluttered allowing an easier way to navigate on a mobile device with the initial text area minimising to allow for more of the images to show. This was especially important to Matthew as the images of his stock are testament to his skill and talent as both a furniture maker and antique dealer.


Webigence spent time with Matthew (and his very cute Miniature Schnauzers) planning, wireframing and producing the visual design to exactly his requirements. We then translated the visual designs into HTML, coded the content management and programmed how the horizontal, vertical and responsiveness would work. The end result is that the site will work horizontally on a desktop computer or laptop (and especially well on a touchscreen laptop or tablet) as well as vertically on mobiles and tablets. There are not many other horizontally responsive websites out there at the moment so we are excited to be one of the few to have achieved this feat in style.


We’d like to say a big thank you to Matthew for allowing us to create his site (and for the flowers & bubbles).

Take a look for yourself at


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Blog written by Natalie Wiggins