22nd Feb
Category: Responsive Design , User Experience

iPhones and iPads aren't as great as you think (thoughts on the future of interaction design)

Not just Apple products, I'm talking all current mobile and tablet devices currently on the market.

I've just read an eye-opening and fantastic article that gets you thinking about where we're at with technology, iPhones/iPads, and really any device we currently interact with. Link to Bret Victor's article at the end of this post.

As Bret mentions in his 'rant', we've come a long way and current technology really is great in many respects, but we're still miles and miles away from the ultimate solution (whatever that is).

I have 3.5 year old twin boys, who as it happens haven't had too much access to my iPad and while I've tended to think up to now that probably they should be using it a bit more (if only I could find some decent learning apps!), I'm now more assured that actually for the sake of their overall development it's a very good thing they aren't spending too much time using it.

The article also gets you thinking (or at least it does me), how basic website interaction is currently, which makes it all the more mind boggling how bad some website interaction is! Imagine if we had tonnes more user interaction options now - you can bet anything you like it'll simply enable even more horrendous website monsters than we have now all over the web.

Fortunately it would also mean we'd have some truly fantastic websites, and hopefully Webigence will play some part in creating some of these future great websites!

Enough from me, enjoy reading Bret's rant and drop us an email if you have any thoughts or views you want to pass on afterwards:

A Brief Rant on the Future of Interaction Design

PS - I do still love my iPhone 5S by the way, and looking forward to the iPhone 6, iWatch (assuming it does come along as expected) and the near future of wearable tech.


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