12th Dec
Category: Client projects , Programming

Client project launch: HugoFox

Webigence have had the great opportunity to work on a community based platform that allows people to search for events, property, offers, jobs etc in their local area and also allows communities to set up their own websites or create listings.

Michael Thompson ran an Aerospace engineering company based in Hampshire and he wanted to “extend the community feel of his workforce” with local talent but with the difficulty of doing so found there was a need for an intuitive website that would help everyone in his position find what then needed (and more) in order to ‘shop locally’.




He came to Webigence with his existing site and wanted to give it much more functionality and to enable his vision of facilitating local businesses and community groups to have a place on the web where they can share their ideas, post their listings and promote their events etc enhancing the sense of community on the web with ease and friendliness.

Webigence therefore programmed the area where people can create their own website using the HugoFox template keeping it simple yet effective whilst also allowing the user to add their own branding and use their existing domain name - giving them control and ownership

Our Senior Developer, Meyrick, commented that

“working with Hugo Fox was a pleasure because they truly engaged with the agile development process, passionately getting involved in the design and testing phases. The CMS design fitted perfectly with the single page application model allowing us to use modern development techniques to product a responsive and intuitive UI.”




Although we didn't get involved with the design or UX on this particular project we do have a resident UX and UI designer in-house and we frequently work with Design, PR and Marketing agencies as their programming partner, either upfront or behind the scenes. If you would like to talk to someone about working with Webigence please do get in touch by email or by calling 020 8739 0030.